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The friendly team at NWI can work with you on any type of investigation, great or small.


We use ethical and lawful surveillance techniques and can obtain the highest quality possible of photographic and video evidence. Our licensed surveillance operators will obtain the visual evidence required whilst conducting the operation lawfully.



We offer surveillance for neighbour dispute, breaches of apprehended violence orders, questionable workers compensation claims, cheating spouses and for any lawful reason it is required.

We can offer:
– Hourly Rates
– Single Day Rates
– Multiple Days
– 24/7
– Multiple Operators

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Factual Investigations

We can provide an extensive factual investigation for:
- Corporate Fraud
- Workers Compensation
- Public Liability
- Criminal Defence
- Disability and Income protection

We provide and review various documentation such as; police and forensic reports, insurance claim documentation and witness statements.

We can:
- Formulate and coordinate investigation plans
- Conduct and record face to face interviews
- Typed or Electronically recorded on audio and audio and visual
- Provide detailed reports advising of findings and anomalies
- Provide Fieldwork, including, scene examinations, door knock, preparation of detailed maps and sketches and scene photographs
- Conduct Document analysis of records including medical, financial, insurance, driving and criminal history records
- Provide comprehensive reports

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Missing Persons / Skip Tracing

We conduct extensive online inquiries for our clients to meet our client's objectives.

We use lawful online information and we can probe:
- Residential Records
- Social Media
- Reverse Telephone Lookup
- Post Code Searches

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